Agatha Paris, Yes Please!

Agatha Paris is a French fashion jewelry brand founded by Michel Quiniou in 1974, which has since become an international favourite. Offering over 300 boutiques worldwide, all are stocked with the most amazing and elegant pieces one could not fall in love with. Providing fresh and relevant designs, Agatha Paris has succeeded in creating high quality fashionable pieces at affordable prices. During November 2009, Agatha opened it's first Australisian Boutique in Auckland's CBD, on Vulcan Lane, the jewelry's Parisian flare mesmerising New Zealand's fashionistas.

Steven and I had the pleasure of visiting Agatha yesterday to view their amazing new collection "Garden Party," as well as their other stunning collections in store. Including delicate long chains, statement rings, drop earrings and the standout ALBA cuff bracelet's, a beautiful flower motif theme and dahlia design are consistent throughout the collection, complimented by scatters of pink, purple and green accents, bringing the "Garden Party" to life. What's special about this series is how the femininity and delightfulness of the collection aren't consumed by the boldness of the pieces, illustrating the brands knowledge of jewelry and strength in design.

Popularity lies with Agatha's "Mini Joaillerie" series which features an amazing array of micro bracelets, nano rings, mini necklaces and delicate earrings, all nine carat gold and beautifully crafted! Each piece is simplistic in design but exudes intense glamour, setting the collection apart from other everyday wear jewelry. We loved the "eye" pieces from this collection, which showcase Agatha's innovative designs and on-the-pulse thinking.

Now, we would be barking mad if we gushed on about how amazing Agatha's jewelry is without mentioning their stylish mascot which scurries throughout the different collections: Their ultra-fabulous Scottie dog! This super cute pooch has been a favourite emblem, featuring on many key pieces (can't get enough of the hair clips!!) and the ladies can't seem to get enough of him. Forever will this signature pup remain faithful to the worlds most stylish!

You must make a visit to Agatha's Vulcan Lane Boutique if your ever in the area or visit their online store to view the stunning collections and treat yourself to something nice!

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