WIWT. The Pier.

(Cardi, Gap. Tee, AS Colour. Shorts, Gap. Shoes, Bronx. Necklace, Juicy Couture.)

Taken underneath the Santa Monica Pier! Santa Monica is beautiful, definitely could see myself skipping the flight home and starting a life here in LA. Thought i would share some shots i took today of Santa Monica/Malibu/Venice Beach. Love the colour of these places. California has a colour, as if everything is slightly cream tinted and it's like your looking at everything through a very very thin layer of dust. That's my best Attempt at a description. LA is also very bright, Blinding-bright, and i swear their winter isn't winter. 

The spanish influence is immense here! Especially at Venice Beach, makes for great photos i say.
 Side Note: if your looking for some cheap sunnies, yummy chicken kebabs and some mediocre entertainment including a guy who dresses in the world's supply of denim and skates around singing un-comprehendable versions of well-loved songs then Venice Beach is the place for you.  


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