Wednesday, 16 July 2014


(Photos: Jack Furniss)

It's so nice to finally have a break from the rain, I've missed the warmth of the sun. Basic functioning is so much easier in the summer months, moods are lighter and dressing is easier (personal opinion). I long for the days where i can wear floaty pieces without them escaping me in the wind, moccasins that don't become drenched as soon as you step outside and not having to wear at least 30 layers to survive the cold! After Jack finished work yesterday, we managed to catch the last moments of sunlight before sunset. Those moments are my favourite. It's when the sky and ocean are at their most beautiful colours. Dusty pinks, muted blues and the deep turquoise of the ocean. Dream colours. This ribbed knit was such a find, i can't believe someone didn't snatch it up before i did! I found it at one of those treasure chest op-shops along K'Road. The shop owner said she had just put it on the Manne before i purchased it. The detail in the embroided sleeves is extraordinary.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014


A bit of new Lana for your hump day.. 3.26 is where i'd rather be right now.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

S C A R F 3 W A Y

These are my three favourite ways to wear my third favourite accessory, thee scarf. I purchased this one from coucou vintage designer boutique in britomart along with like seven other scarfs.. heaven.

Thursday, 29 May 2014


Today is Friday, i'm mean't to be studying for my marine exam but all i can think about it being near the ocean, sitting and breathing. Forever will the ocean and all it's treasures, real and mythical, colours, movements, moods and sounds be inspiring. 

“There was a magic about the sea. People were drawn to it. People wanted to love by it, swim in it, play in it, look at it. It was a living thing that as as unpredictable as a great stage actor: it could be calm and welcoming, opening its arms to embrace it's audience one moment, but then could explode with its stormy tempers, flinging people around, wanting them out, attacking coastlines, breaking down islands. It had a playful side too, as it enjoyed the crowd, tossed the children about, knocked lilos over, tipped over windsurfers, occasionally gave sailors helping hands; all done with a secret little chuckle”
- Cecelia Ahern

x R

Monday, 5 May 2014


I recently caught up with beautiful Designer Amber Whitecliffe to check out her new Boutique! & to also find out more about her latest collection Candy Coated Winter 14. Check it!

A m b e r W h i t e c l i f f e

V i d e o


Monday, 28 April 2014

vintage, flowers & vintage flowers

 I love meeting new people, don't you? I finally got to meet Connie - an amazing photo taking gal and overall lovely mermaid! We shot at the Winter Gardens with Becki - another amazing photo taking gal i've shot with many times before (Facebook) -  and fought our way through the jungle of tourists and oversized lenses to produce these shots. I LOVE THEM! How good is Connie!